Support the work of KIDS SAVE LIVES in Greek schools

You can contribute in many ways

Peiraus Bank: IBAN GR31 0171 2310 0062 3114 3256 778


The greatest needs that were created in order to train thousands of students and teachers in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), are the following:

  • Instructors' travel expences (fuel or fare) coverage in order to reach remote schools (away from urban areas and also the many Greek islands).
  • Transportation support for the training teams all over Greece by vehicle concession and full coverage of fuel and maintenance costs from the sponsor.
  • Donation of LITTLE ANNE/LAERDAL training manikins for the indispensable practical training of children.
  • Donation of training defibrillators for the indispensable training practice of children on defibrillators.
  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) donations so our training teams can present them to students in every lesson or, even better, install them in a Greek school.
  • Portable computers (lap-tops) donations to help our instructor teams achieve training objectives.
  • Donation of loudspeakers, video projectors, microphones to serve the needs of our courses in Greek schools which do not have such equipment.
  • Donation of fitness mats to protect the knees of our young trainees during their practice.
  • Donations of t-shirts for our instructors [about 200 nationwide].

Our supporters, sponsors of the KIDS SAVE LIVES educational program in Greek schools, in addition to our appreciation and our true gratitude, will see their logos:

  • On our website.
  • On our social media.
  • In the presentation of our training program.

Especially the golden sponsors who help to expand our program on a national or a regional level, on the t-shirts of our instructors.