Systems Saving Lives!

The biggest enemy of emergencies is TIME.
With state-of-the-art technology, we train and organize Greek local communities and schools, gaining valuable time for the benefit of the victims, until the arrival of specialized assistance.

Guided CPR

Guided CPR

If the victim does not react and does not breathe normally, apply chest compressions in less than ONE MINUTE, according to the visual and voice instructions provided by Application iSAVElives.
Individual pre-training before actual use is recommended,
creating your IMPROVISED MODEL with simple home materials.

Organization of schools & communities

KIDS SAVE LIVES - iSAVElives Posters

At “KIDS SAVE LIVES – Τα Παιδιά Σώζουν Ζωές” we recognize that neither trained hands
nor defibrillators are not enough to save a life!

Further organization of schools and communities is required which will lead to automated steps gaining valuable time for the benefit of the victims.

A complete set of posters is waiting for you to download it free of charge, in order to better organize your school or community.

COVID-19 First Aid Guide

Save a life safely during the pandemic

COVID-19 First Aid Guide image

First Aid Guide

Save a life outside the COVID-19 pandemic

First Aid Guide image

ISAVElives First Correspondent Communities

Organize your school, group or community now, contact KIDS SAVE LIVES and ask for help!

ISAVElives First Correspondent Communities

ISAVElives First Correspondent Communities image

AED mark

Download the international Defibrillator mark AEDs and help make your Defibrillator more recognizable than the First Correspondents!

AED mark image


Print, fill in and place this list on your FRIDGE DOOR. One day's lesson to your 3+years old child is enough to learn who to call in case of an emergency situation.



Get ready to be inspired by touching stories of first responders who have saved lives, or of victims who have been saved by children and citizens. 

Greece is changing, getting better and safer!

Καλώς όρισες! Πριν φύγεις εξασφάλισε πως θα κατεβάσεις το App επειγόντων iSAVElives που σου προσφέρουμε δωρεάν, επιλέγοντας το από το πεδίο iSAVElives! Ζήτησε μας επίσης να σε εκπαιδεύσουμε εντελώς δωρεάν, από το πεδίο ΕΚΠΑΙΔΕΥΣΗ!