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Be the change!

In 2007 Anastasis and Katerina were transferred to Kassandra Chalkidiki in order to help this tourist area as paramedics - ambulance crews of National Emergency Aid Centre.

Soon, they realized that it is difficult for human lives to be saved, mainly due to the delayed response to medical emergencies because of the area morphology [narrow peninsula, bad road network].

They decided to act!
In 2009 they travelled to Athens to become instructors of the European Resuscitation Council [ERC] and they immediately started training courses in local communities, training people of all ages, in order to be the first to respond until the arrival of an ambulance.

Seeing not only the enthusiasm but also the infinite abilities of the young students, they decided in 2010 to train this particular target group, KIDS in Greek SCHOOLS. For one day at school students wouldn’t be taught maths or physics but how to save lives!

The project found many supporters [kids, parents, teachers] who decided to set up the first humanitarian organization in Greece with two main goals: to disseminate free Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation training in Greek schools and to develop a nationwide defibrillator network, aiming to increase the survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims in Greece.

In 2016, the Organisation in cooperation with the Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care, started officially first aid courses in schools all over the country with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairsand until March 2020 more than 60000 students and teachers have been trained!

Positive Results!

The humanitarian Organization with a plethora of training programs per age group, has managed to train tens of thousands of kids and adults in hundreds of Greek schools, communities, orphanages, summer camps, army camps, clubs and other institutions.

With its humanitarian work and the development of three networks: volunteer instructors, providers and defibrillators in public placesand with insightful suggestions – intervations in institutions [submission of a draft bill to the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs for the institutionalisation of the first aid course "Kids Save Lives" in the Greek school syllabus], managed to increase the survival of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims in Greece thanks to trained kids and citizens and finally to be awarded by the European Resuscitation Council [Anastasios Stefanakis, winner of Peter Basket Bursary, 2018]

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Board of Directors of
KIDS SAVE LIVES - Τα Παιδιά Σώζουν Ζωές

President:   Anastasis Stefanakis
Vice President:   Konstantinos Tziatzias
Gen. Secretary:   Konstantinos Theodorakoglou
Treasurer:   Anastasis Samaras
Member:   Konstantinos Kyrillidis