KIDS SAVE LIVES is not financially supported by any public or private body.
You can help in many ways the humanitarian work of the Association, in order to develop its beneficial programs.

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KIDS SAVE LIVES is highly active and has many teams, which consist exclusively of volunteers who offer social work! One of them suits you and is ready to welcome you. Let's find out which by answering the following questions!

Gift a training manikin

or help equip volunteers by donating Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), electronic - digital equipment (laptops, microphones, speakers, projectors, VR masks), exercise mats and t-shirts. Help us increase our public benefit programs in Greek schools and Greek local communities, bringing the new era of First Aid to Greece!

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Deposit an amount!

Sponsorship Manager: Anastasios Samaras
Treasurer, Member of the Board, Physical Education Teacher

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